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Who we are:

Ascents was born out of pure passion to help people reach their highest capabilities. Years of corporate experience in building businesses, successfully transitioning processes, as well as mentoring and coaching people to reach their potential high, led to the birth of “Ascents”, which literally calls one out to climb mountains to reach the peak.

We are passionate about helping your organisation grow with our corporate training and consulting services and design your roadmap to success. 

A design entrenched with a grasp of human psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, along with a deep understanding of industry standards and requirements helps us curate the best learning methods for you. 

To top it, we have creative minds brimming with innovative ideas and words to offer you content services ranging from writing blogposts to editing and proofreading so that every interaction between your clients and your company (even on your website) makes a positive impact.

For us, your goals matter. Therefore, our team is exactly what you need to drive change, adaptability, and excellence in your organisation through our services.