Management Essentials

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials

 In this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, the only constant is change. Every change comes with a lot of responsibility and creates avenues for leaders to acquire new skills.

Our Leadership Essentials training will enable you to display Situational Leadership while learning new methodologies. Be the leader you've

always envisioned yourself as!

Performance Managment

Performance Management

  • Are your people, teams, and processes working efficiently? 
  • If so, are you able to evaluate one with respect to the other two? 
  • How do you identify and reward the people who take a team ahead in times of need?

These are a few avenues often left unexplored while assessing the performance of an Individual at workplace. This training will help you develop an assessment matrix for your teams to appraise each contributor’s efforts effectively.

Change Management

Change Management

In this fast-paced ever changing climate for Business and Education, any enterprise that doesn’t continually reinvent itself runs the risk of lagging behind its competitors.

This training will help you build an optimum level of change-readiness in your organisation by introducing you to easily adaptable tools and techniques.

Risk Management

Risk Management

 Do you frequently hear the term 'risk' but not sure how to identify and mitigate different forms of risks your business/process could run into?

This training will not only help you understand the various types of risks, their impacts and mitigation plans, but will also help you put preventive measures in place to safeguard your business.

Business Continuity Managment

Business Continuity Management

A variety of situations could turn out to be a crisis affecting your daily operational activities. 

How prepared are you as an organisation to ensure that you resume your services in any such situation with minimum outage?


This training will help you develop a framework to get your business up and running in any crisis! 

From choosing an appropriate BCM site to resuming business as usual, your leadership skills will be enhanced to effectively develop and deploy a Business Continuity Management framework for your processes and the organisation at large.