Your First Step

Design your CV and Cover Letter

CV and Cover Letter

First impressions matter!

Your first communication with your recruiter can often make or break your chances of landing that dream job.

  • So, is your CV ready to market your skills? 
  • Is your cover letter comprehensive enough to get you an interview you can ace?

Our workshop will give you tips and tricks to build a CV that would pass the filtration often conducted by a software. We will also help you to make a persuasive cover letter so that you make an impact.

Interview Skills

Interview Skills

 Your CV has been shortlisted and you have been called for an interview. 

  • How prepared do you feel to face questions? 
  • What could the interviewer ask?
  •  Do you know what matters the most when you’re answering interview questions?

This training will not only help you prepare for your interview, but also for group discussions, which are often used as preliminary rounds to filter a set of candidates from the entire pool.

Office Skills

Office Skills

Before you foray into the corporate world, how would you like to get acquainted with the know-hows and behaviors you must ace to sail through, no matter the weather?

Join our office skills training to learn more about the corporate culture, team building, meetings and mannerism, and presentation skills etc.